The Love Box is a portable sex furniture featuring eight adjustable, dedicated supports for holding one's arms and legs.
The design intent of The Love Box is to provide coupled partners a simple means of comfortably achieving unlimited innovative sexual positions, thus providing consenting consumers a simple means of enhancing their sex lives.

Features & Benefits

The Love Box is authentic and design to vastly enhance your lovemaking experience with unlimited sexual positions offering an exciting way in which to comfortably achieve optimal sexual pleasure. This innovative product is a favorite of couples and singles alike. Recognized as the world's most beautiful and functional sex furniture design. The Love Box sex furniture has been changing the lovemaking experience for forward-thinking couples enjoying new and exciting sexual positions with ease and comfort. The Love Box was to introduce couples to a more conscious or tantric lovemaking experience. Perhaps you are adventurous newlyweds just beginning your journey together The Love Box will nurture your body and support you in ways that you have never experienced. This incredible Love Box is designed to change your pelvic angles during the lovemaking experience while creating very unique, comfortable, sexual positions. Utilizing the adjustable cushion support pads for best comfort.

  • Designed for unlimited sexual positions and angles without obstacle.
  • Provides full body support for enhanced.
  • Stylishly elevated fetish-inspired sex furniture design for playful restraint.
  • Provides stability for effortless transitions.
  • Suddenly there is more pleasure with less work.
  • Angles get exposed with ease. No aching neck, legs, or hands.
  • Perfect for couples of all shapes and sizes.
  • Perfect for those with concerns looking for greater comfort.
  • Flexibility endurance, or a physical inability.
  • Angles exposes G. spot in many ways and increases the odds of getting her to squirt.
  • Adjustable cushion supports for more intense positions for g. spot stimulation.

Be Creative !

Are you neglecting the intimate aspects of your relationship? Our society has become so fast-paced the very few couples even realize that are neglecting to nurture their relationship. Couples that dedicate a small amount to romance tend to form Happier, Healthier, more enduring relationships. The Love Box encourages couples to make love more often because of the unlimited and new exciting sexual positions add some creativity to your love life!

Love Box Design

This revolutionary Love Box portable sex furniture functions by displaying the weight of two people and changing the full body angles during the love making experience. Every angle and every dimension is designed to maximize the sexual positions of the Kama Sutra. Our patented Love Box System is perfect for couples of all shapes and sizes. Imagine for a moment of making love on a flat surface like a bed or floor. Typically, there are only a few comfortable positions, and you end up doing the same routine every time. Even then your knees, hips, back, neck, and shoulders can start to hurt and distract you from your experience. Lovemaking on and between the cushion supports of the Love Box portable sex furniture is such a unique experience each and every time.

The Love Box has been featured in AVN expo, Adultcon expo, Magazine's and countless others. We have had the great honor of changing thousands of lives throughout our history. If you are dedicated to enhancing your relationship, introducing The Love Box into your life will prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

Handcrafted Elegance

We laser cut, weld structure pieces together, powder-coated and handcraft The Love Box in the USA with the world's finest materials. The soft, supple. Synthesized vinyl or leather not only feels amazing on your skin but it will maintain its elegant appearance for a lifetime. The vinyl or leather is moisture resistant, stain resistant and anti-microbial making effortless to clean. Just wipe clean with mild soap and water or your favorite solution.