About Product Introduction

The Love Box is a portable sex structure featuring a variety of adjustable, dedicated supports for holding one's arms and legs.

The design intent of The Love Box is to provide coupled partners a simple means of comfortably achieving a wide variety of sexual positions, thus providing consenting consumers a simple means of enhancing their sex lives.

Features & Benefits

The Love Box is an easily assembled upright support structure that can be utilized by those engaged in sexual intercourse in order to comfortably maintain a wide variety of sexual positions. Manufactured primarily of lightweight, yet heavy duty aluminum or titanium alloy and comprised of interlocking or comparable pieces that facilitate quick assembly and installation of the device, The Love Box would stand approximately 6 feet in height, 5 feet in width and 5 feet in total depth, thus accommodating adults of various heights and statures.

The Love Box would be comprised of an open, square shaped base, in each corner of which would be a vertical support beam. A second square support would be positioned at the top of the unit. Hinged to each of the unit's vertical support beams and facing inwards would be a series of strategically placed support arms. Designed to fold outwards and out of the way between the beams when not in use, these heavy duty hinged arms could be angled inwards at any number of sexual positions, in order to provide adjustable braces on which to stand, lean, kneeled or grab onto when engage in sexual intercourse. A series of two, support arms would rundown the center of each support beam, thus eight support arms would be included in the device. These support arms would each be encased within cushiony padded foam sheathes, thus affording optimal comfort during use. Importantly, these adjustable, hinged and swinging arms would be configured to easily support the weight of adult users, including plus size individuals.

The Portable Love Box was created as a result of personal creativity, ingenuity, and a recognized potential for such a product.

The target market for this product will be the couple who is open for sexual exploration and proactive about improving their sex lives together.